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Saturday, 2024-04-20

GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation

Tom Conway Motorcycles Ltd

8-10 High Street North, Langley moor, Durham DH7 8JG

Privacy Policy

How we collect data – We collect information when you consider purchasing or purchase our products via email, online or speak to us over the telephone. The information we collect can include your name, address, email address, employment, financial information, credit card details and photos.


How we use data – We use your information to fulfil your purchase orders and to make purchases from you or when you make an application to purchase, also when you make an application to seek finance before you choose what you would like to purchase or when you use our services. We store your information on our computer system and our back up system. Paper copies are also held of some details for future reference. We do not store credit card numbers alongside personal data.


Whom we share it with – This information will be held in a secure location within our organisation and we will only share your details with selected business partners that may include:

IT service providers that help us with our internal IT issues

Payment service providers that process your payment information on our behalf, including finance companies

Couriers that help deliver our products to you

Lawyers representing us in the event of a legal claim

Regulators and law enforcement agencies (if there is a legal reason to share your data with them)

Social network sites where we advertise our business.


How long we store it – Data is held for as long as is legally necessary. If your details are no longer deemed necessary to be held and you request that they be removed or destroyed then we would do so as long as it is legal to, ie it can no longer be requested by regulators or law enforcement agencies.



Short privacy notice

We collect your information when you make an application to purchase or use our services. We store your information on our system. We may share your information with business partners such as finance and payment providers and couriers. Our full privacy policy is available from